5 Important FAQs

Sometimes life happens and you need a little extra help. We understand that and are here to provide only the very best in medical home care! So where do you begin when considering hiring one of our licensed and insured professionals? Here are important FAQs to get you started!

How soon can I get help?

This is a very important question! After discussing your needs with one of our care agents, we will then begin the process of assessing your situation and assigning the proper aid as soon as possible. The minimum requirement for one of our staff is a 2 hour visit and goes up to 24/7.

Are your caregivers insured?

Every employee has been interviewed, tested, background screened, bonded, and insured for safe secure home care. Supervisors are available 24 hours per day. Our employees are specially trained with monthly continuing education classes. We are committed to providing only the finest qualified staff in your home.

What if the caregiver doesn’t work out?

This is such a great question. While very uncommon, we understand everyone clients have specific needs and preferences. If you find that there is some difficulty in this area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will listen intently and find a better fit for you in no time. 

Who should I contact about my Medical Home Care professional?

Have questions about one of our staff? Give us a call at (530) 226-5577! We’d be happy to help you in any way we can. You can also visit our website and submit a forum. One of our staff will respond to your email as soon as possible. 

Do I pay the person who was assigned to me/my loved one?

After you speak with us and tell us your needs, we will walk you through setting this aspect up by connecting with your insurance company. Medical Home Care Professionals is certified for reimbursement by Medicare & Medical. Upon your request, we will research your private insurance benefits thoroughly. You may be billed semi-monthly for services received that are not covered by insurance. There is no need to pay the person assigned to you, nor will we ask them to request it from you.

Today, Medical Home Care Professionals are one of the largest locally owned and operated agencies in Shasta County and have clinical teams of nurses, therapists, social service workers, Aides, and caregivers that are dedicated to providing our patients/clients with, respect, dignity, and quality care to guarantee a positive experience while healing at home. Give us a call today to learn more at 530-226-5577.

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