5 More Benefits of Exercise

Medical Home Care Professionals have been helping those in Shasta County who have needed a little extra help for the past 35+ years. Whether it’s basic meal prepping and light housekeeping, injury and/or procedure recovery—we know everyone needs a little help from time to time. With that in mind, we also believe strongly in not only being there on your road to recovery, but instilling within every person we meet (including our team!) to lead a healthy lifestyle. One (very) an important factor in leading a full, healthy life has to do with getting regular exercise of some kind. An interesting note here is that it doesn’t necessarily mean a certain kind of intensity when exercising—just exercising in general! Exercise means any activity that causes you to work your muscles and burn calories. This can mean anything from walking to biking to lifting weights. Below we will continue our talk about the benefits of making exercise of some kind a part of your lifestyle with 5 more facts:

  1. Exercising can promote increased energy levels. Studies have shown that those who suffer from chronic fatigue and even various diseases such as cancer showed increased energy levels when they practiced getting regular exercise. 
  2. Exercising can help with brain function and even memory loss. When you exercise, the increased heart rate pumps blood and oxygen to the brain, stimulating the growth of hormones that promote cell growth. Regular exercise is very important for aging individuals, as oxidative stress and other factors can affect brain function and structure. Studies have additionally shown that exercising can reduce changes in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s. 
  3. Exercise can positively affect the quality of sleep a person gets. Studies have shown that those who exercise, even individuals who have suffered from conditions such as insomnia, reported getting better sleep and even falling asleep at a faster rate. Exercising has also been shown to help those who are aging and are suffering from various sleep disorders. Regular exercise, no matter if it’s aerobic or a combination of the two, can help individuals get better sleep and feel more energized.
  4. Exercising has recently been connected with pain management and pain reduction. A recent study showed that those with chronic pain who began exercising showed decreased pain and improved quality of life. Exercise has been shown to have favorable effects on those with various conditions that cause pain while increasing pain tolerance levels. 
  5. Exercise has been proven to boost the sex drive in men and women. Getting regular exercise can increase sexual performance and sexual pleasure while increasing sexual activity frequency. Studies show that men who exercised for 160 minutes a week over a 6-month period could help significantly in erectile function in men. Getting regular exercise can strengthen the heart, improve blood flow, tone muscles, and enhance flexibility which all factor in your sex life. 

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