5 Reasons to Consider Home Care

At Medical Home Care Professionals, we not only love to help patients—but we love to help those who have embarked on the rewarding (and sometimes very challenging) career in the medical field. We have built not only a business— but a family that is dedicated to serving our incredible team as well as Shasta County.

When it comes to hiring a medical professional to help your loved one at your place of living, we understand that you may have questions. And we’re here to answer each one! For starters, here are 5 reasons why you should consider home care:

We can be there when you cannot be

Whether you are out of town, or simply at work—you can have peace of mind knowing that our licensed and insured professionals will do their duty with excellence and transparency. Our nurses can provide up to 24/7 care if needed. We’ve got you covered.

Home care enables you to maintain a way of life

Our team can be there to assist you and your loved one so that your life can go on in dignity and respect. We can assist with daily tasks so you can keep doing the things you love! From moderate house chores to meal preparation, to environmental evaluations, our team can give you the extra hand up you or your loved one may need. 

Access to a nurse(s)

This is by far one of the best reasons to hire a compassionate team member! Get hospital-quality care from the comfort of your living space. This provides privacy, care, comfort, and improved recovery as studies have shown. When you or your loved one is comfortable, recovery is made easier. 

Diet and nutrition support

This is key! Our team can not only administer the right and appropriate medicines and/or other forms of care but can also provide nutrition care. This can be meal prep, groceries, and nutrition education! This enables you to continue living your best, healthy life for many years to come. 

Medicine management

Having multiple medications can be…complicated and daunting. But add the various times and frequency that they must be administered and you can have a serious problem if the wrong medications are given. This is vitally important. Our team can be there to ensure that the proper medications are given in the proper frequencies. 

Today, Medical Home Care Professionals are one of the largest locally owned and operated agencies in Shasta County and have clinical teams of nurses, therapists, social service workers, Aides, and caregivers that are dedicated to providing our patients/clients with, respect, dignity, and quality care to guarantee a positive experience while healing at home. Give us a call today to learn more at 530-226-5577.

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