5 Reasons to Get Home Help

At Medical Home Care Professionals, we not only love to help patients—but we love to help those who have embarked on the rewarding (and sometimes very challenging) career in the medical field. We have built not only a business— but a family that is dedicated to serving Shasta County.

When it comes to considering getting some extra help around the home, we understand that you may have questions— and we’re here to answer each one! For starters, here are 5 reasons why you should get home help:

The Hour-Gap

In short, we can be there when you cannot. This alleviates strain on schedule (and gives you a much-needed break). No matter where you are, whether out of town, late at the office, we can be there to help. Our staff is available from a minimum of 2 hours a week up to 24/7. We’ve got you covered. 

Maintaining a Sense of Normality

Our staff can be there to help everyone get back on their feet and work towards a sense of normality. We understand that these can be trying times, and we’re going to be here with you every step of the way. Our team can assist in daily tasks, to moderate house chores and meal preparation, all the way up to things like physical therapy, nutrition education, wound care, and so much more. 

Hospital Care Within Your Home

This is by far one of the best reasons to hire a compassionate team member! Get hospital-quality care from the comfort of your living space. This provides privacy, a greater sense of security, fewer hospital bills, and some studies show it can even help recovery. When you and your loved one are comfortable, everything becomes a little easier. 

Diet Support 

This is absolutely essential! Especially post-op. Our team is not only trained and licensed to administer the correct medicine dosages at the proper time but can also provide nutritional care to help ensure that the individual is getting the needed (and sometimes prescribed) nutrients. A healthy diet can lead to a healthier life. 

Medicine Administration

Have multiple medications? Overwhelmed and anxious about making sure you give the right ones at the right time at the right amount? We get it. Having multiple medications can be…complicated. Adding various medications and various administrations and things could get messy quickly. This is a serious issue when it comes to medication and proper administration. Our team can be there to ensure that this aspect is done correctly.


As we have stated before, getting help in the home can dramatically improve the quality of life…for everyone; not just your loved one, but also you. With caring for someone on top of work, family, and daily life, needing extra help is nothing to be ashamed about. This can free up schedules, alleviate stress, and even save you money.

Today, Medical Home Care Professionals are one of the largest locally owned and operated agencies in Shasta County and have clinical teams of nurses, therapists, social service workers, Aides, and caregivers that are dedicated to providing our patients/clients with, respect, dignity, and quality care to guarantee a positive experience while healing at home. Give us a call today to learn more at 530-226-5577.

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