At Medical Home Care Professionals we know how stressful an illness or accident can be to your family. We’re here for you.

Our Home Care Division is the best choice for delivering uncompromising care. Caring for one patient at a time, we work with patients of all ages and diagnoses, from infants to the elderly.

Our values are strong and we are proud to be committed to Service, Dignity and Excellence.

We're Different

We are unique among agencies as we have the most comprehensive services:

  • A Medicare Division for physician-ordered nursing and therapy home visits.
  • A Private Division with the area’s largest staff of caring professionals for non-medical care and licensed nurses for shift care 2-24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • We’re the area’s leader in Pediatric High-Risk care.

Locally owned and operated since 1985

  • The majority of our care services cater to under-21 years old in 8-hour shifts.
  • Specialized in high-risk care, including ventilator and central line management.
  • Primarily serving long-term patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities.
  • A robust para-professional team for comprehensive non-medical care.
  • Uniquely offering both a Medicare Division for short-term care and a Private Division—more jobs for staff, and superior service for clients.


MHCP has been earning the trust, respect and satisfaction of our patients, their families and our employees for almost 20 years. We know we are different from other home health agencies for many reasons:

  • Depth of Services: A comprehensive array of healthcare solutions designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring holistic and personalized care for every individual.
  • Variety of Assignments: Broad range of assignments across various health disciplines, offering enriching experiences and opportunities for professional growth.
  • Skills and Training: Continuous learning opportunities with cutting-edge training programs, aimed at enhancing competencies and staying abreast with the latest healthcare practices.
  • Opportunity for Advancement: Clear career progression pathways that recognize talent, dedication, and hard work, fostering personal and professional development.
  • Community Involvement: Active participation in community initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to societal well-being and fostering stronger local connections.
  • Added Benefits for Employees: Attractive employee perks including health benefits, flexible work schedules, and more, creating a conducive work environment.
  • Philosophy of Care: Our care philosophy is anchored in compassion, integrity, and excellence, ensuring we deliver the highest standard of patient care.

We know why you chose this profession… to help people of all ages. Now choose to be a part of the team that provides the caring, one-on-one services everyone deserves.

Kathy McKillop, Owner
Medical Home Care Professionals since 1985

As a young hospital nurse, Kathy McKillop loved her job and especially her patients. One in particular, was a 40-year-old woman who had just been diagnosed with terminal ALS. With no one at home to care for her, her only choice was to be sent to a nursing home. Instead, she asked her favorite nurse for help.

This one moment changed the course of both of their lives.

One received loving care while a very special bond formed between them. As the need for care increased to around the clock, Kathy formed a team of nurses, scheduled them and learned how to bill insurance to pay them. The doctor even made house calls! This lovely patient was able to remain in own home until she passed peacefully.

The other, Kathy McKillop, our company founder, though grief stricken, realized that this was the kind of care she was meant to do. And as divine intervention would have it, she did – but in a much bigger way than she had ever imagined.

Kathy was eventually asked to develop a private duty program for a hospital-based home care agency. Home care was still a fairly new concept and this agency was the only one of its kind in the north state at the time. Still very young and without any business experience, she learned a great deal developing programs and opening satellite offices under the terrific tutelage of a supervising mentor.

After a while and the birth of her two boys, Kathy was contemplating the slowing down of her career to devote more time to being a mom. However, once again, a special patient would greatly impact the course of Kathy’s life.

A young quadriplegic patient, having suffered a terrible work-related accident, needed 24-hour care at his home. He needed help to hire, train and supervise his caregivers and manage his ever-changing medical needs. He asked Kathy to consider it. It was perfect for both of them. And that would have been that…. If not for all the other patients that started calling with needs of their own and a terrific Dad who convinced her she should open her own office. 

And so, it began in 1985; a company formed by a nurse, whose heart still beats for the medical needs of special patients in our community.

Community Service - Past Board service and volunteer involvement:


Elaine Flores, Administrator, COO Celebrating 20 Years with MHCP!

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, that a young, funny, ambitious Elaine Flores was interviewing for a billing clerk position at MHCP. Redding Medical Home Care had closed its doors and its employees suddenly found themselves unemployed. Whether it was fate or divine intervention, the day we hired Elaine, our company was set on a wonderful new path!

Elaine is, and has always been, a dedicated, tireless worker. She sees the potential and has the passion to pursue it. Twenty years ago, she saw an employment opportunity for herself and her former co-workers and convinced MHCP of its opportunity to add Intermittent services to our company licensure. It was an exciting time! With Elaine’s vision, we wrote polices, developed procedures, put processes in place, hired some really great clinicians and eventually added an intermittent services division. That changed the course of our company’s focus and our rewarding business of helping others grow!

So did Elaine and her career.

From the start, it was evident that while Elaine Flores saw potential all around her, she was the one with tremendous potential! She excelled at everything she did! She was promoted within a year from biller to Billings Services Manager. Four short years later, in 2008, she worked her way up to Director of Business Operations! Elaine worked tirelessly to achieve her successes. She is loyal, dedicated, driven, passionate, cares deeply about our staff and patients and was born to lead.

In 2011 Elaine became certified as a Home Health Administrator. And in 2013 she was promoted to MHCP’s Chief Operating Officer.

She is currently the board Chairperson for our industry’s state association, CAHSAH (California Association of Health Services at Home).

She is a two-time winner of the CAHSAH Ambassador Award

She has served as a board member for many groups including:

  • Far Northern Medical Group Managers Association
  • Shasta Regional Medical Foundation
  • Mercy Medical Center Transition of Care and Post Acute Council
  • Creekside Counseling
  • CMS Advisory Member

And has given countless hours to local community boards such as, Go Red and NorCal Think Pink

She has coordinated and created various hospital liaison programs such as: Hospital Readmission Prevention Pilot Program, Pre- Op Therapy program for Apogee, CHF program and a Hospital Liaison program for Enhanced Home Health

Under her excellent supervision, Medical Home Care Professionals has been nominated and won Best of the North State numerous times. She attributes that recognition to an exceptionally dedicated and caring clinical staff and excellent admin team, many of whom have also been with us for 15 plus years.

On behalf of myself and the entire team, we want to express our appreciation of your achievement of this 20-year milestone, Elaine! MHCP would not be where it is today without your dedication, tireless efforts, relentless pursuit of the potential around us. You make a difference in this world! You’ve certainly made a difference in MHCP, in your staff, and for the patients we serve. With heartfelt gratitude, we love you and we congratulate you! Well done!

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