Nursing Service: Medication Education

Medical Home Care Professionals have been assisting those in Shasta County for 35+ years with exceptional nursing care. One of the most important services our trained and licensed nurses provide is medication education and management. This is the information of and the administration of the prescribed medications. Here is a list of main goals our team provides in this:


Our team will be happy to educate you on each of the medications that have been prescribed to you. We want you to understand and know what each medication is prescribed to do and to help provide you with the answers you deserve. The management of said medications is also something that we do so you don’t have to worry about the frequency/quantity of medication needed.

The Goal + Side Effects:

We will describe to you not only the why of this medication, the goal of the medication given. It’s important to understand the intended effects of the medication so we can monitor progress. Doing this will also help you and us identify any negative side effects should they occur so proper intervention can happen. Our goal is your safety!


All of our team is dedicated to you and your wellbeing. This means that our nurses will go over the warnings of each medication so you understand what should be done and what should not be done in taking the medication. This is for your safety. This could mean things like not drinking alcohol, making sure you eat a meal directly after, etc. These warnings may vary but are vitally important to ensure your recovery is safe and effective. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your home healthcare assistant.

In the coming weeks, we will go over a few more important points in this wonderfully vital and important service our team can provide for you to ensure you are happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Today, Medical Home Care Professionals are one of the largest locally owned and operated agencies in Shasta County and have clinical teams of nurses, therapists, social service workers, Aides, and caregivers that are dedicated to providing our patients/clients with, respect, dignity, and quality care to guarantee a positive experience while healing at home. Give us a call today to learn more at 530-226-5577.

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