Sleep (and why it’s important!)

Medical Home Care Professionals have been helping those in Shasta County who have needed a little extra help for the past 35+ years. Whether it’s basic meal prepping and light housekeeping, injury and/or procedure recovery—we know everyone needs a little help from time to time. With that in mind, we also believe strongly in not only being there on your road to recovery, but instilling within every person we meet (including our team!) to lead a healthy lifestyle. One (very) important factor in leading a full, healthy life had to do with the quality of rest one is getting. Many focus on exercise and eating well, but forget about resting. These days, people sleep less than they used to and the quality of sleep can often be diminished due to varying factors. Here are 5 reasons why getting good sleep is crucial: 

  1. There is strong data indicating that the amount of sleep and weight gain are strongly linked. Research reveals that there’s a connection between lack of sleep and an increase in body weight. Children who don’t get enough sleep are 89% more likely to be challenged with weight, and adults 55% more prone to weight issues. ( This is most likely linked to hormone levels and a lack of motivation to exercise. 
  2. Those who get adequate sleep often eat fewer calories. This is due to imbalances in certain hormone levels such as increased ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone), and decreased leptin (the hormone that suppresses appetite). When you don’t get enough sleep, your eating habits tend to suffer. 
  3. Studies show that those who get adequate sleep have higher brain function. Research shows that when you sleep deprivation can even have similar effects as alcohol intoxication! This is important for critical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving. Those who get less sleep tend to make more errors. (
  4. Getting good sleep can help maximize your overall performance—especially if you are physically active. For example, studies show that basketball players who got enough rest made more shots and played at an overall better performance than those who did not ( Catching more zzzs will help you make more goals.
  5. Sleep quality and duration are two different yet very important factors when it comes to sleep. Research indicates that there could be a connection between lack of quality and duration of good sleep and heart disease and other chronic illnesses. In short, sleeping less than 7-8 hours of sleep a night is linked to increased heart disease and chronic illness. 

As you can tell, we care about the entirety of your health journey here at Medical Home Care Professionals. This includes the quality and duration of sleep you are getting. This is a crucial element in your recovery journey. 

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